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Ask Charles!

We have formed a small question/answer page to help you in your decision for our pest control services.  Charles has 20 years experience in the pest management field, and strives to improve his treatment methods.  Read real customer questions and Charles's answers to them.

Q:  My friend just recently had her house treated for cock roaches.  She was trying to explain the treatment method called the "Texas 2 Step" to me.  Can you explain this for me?

A:  Sure, I would be glad to explain the "Texas 2 Step" process for you.  When we treat for cock roaches, it is a 2 step process.  First, it's the initial visit where we find the source, treat the infestation, and educate the home or business owner.  We return 30 days later for "follow up" appointment to ask questions and inspect.  If a second application is needed, we do it then.  Thanks for the question.

Q:  Most exterminators in the past have made me remove every dish, pan, cup, glass, and bowl from my kitchen cabinets,

is this really necessary?

A:  This method is only recommended for highly infested areas of your cabinets.  For light infestation, we do not require a vacancy for your kitchen cabinets.  The best defense against cock roaches in the kitchen is really very simple.  Keep your kitchen cabinets free of clutter, food products sealed, and leave no food out over night.  Clean with bleach and water.  Roaches hate bleach water.

Q:  If I call for service, will I have to sign a contract with you?

A:  No.  We will never ask you to sign a contract.  We may offer you a treatment program at the time of consultation and evaluation, but you are not legally bound to this agreement.  We sell pest control service at an affordable and unsurpassed value without compromise.

Q:  How many times a year should I have my house treated for spiders?

A:  It depends on the kind of spider you have in your home.  Most spiders are beneficial as they eat other smaller insects.  In the case of a brown recluse or black widow, you'll have to have your home treated 4-6 times a year.  This service is setup as a quarterly agreement.  Thanks for the question, I hope I have helped you this morning.

If you have a question you would like answered, remember to Ask Charles!

Thank You. Message received.

Ask Charles!

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